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I was fond of painting since i was a child.For me,painting is just a celebration of the festival of Holi.I like my hands to be full of colour.When i started to paint,i took the forms from nature and still life around me.As you can see the different forms and shapes of leaves and flowers,their changing colours and textures.I did a lot of still-life also,as you can see flowers,vases,paint brushes etc.I think i have tried to give life to these everyday objects.
After a while i felt still-life was becoming repetitive.,the same thing started coming again and again,so i decided to stop.I turned to figurative work and was attracted by folk forms also.From there,i don't know from where the puppets came into my mind...human beings as puppets! I started giving emotions to them.
As you can see ,there is a lot of Indianness in this work.The subject itself along with the textile prints,colours are very Indian.In earlier times there were stories of kings and queens in puppet shows.I have tried to depict them in the contemporary context.In this painting i have shown a puppet couple.I am trying to understand their relationship and emotions.They are trying to reach out to one another.Specially in this couple series,i have given a lot of thought for this subject.In India the system of marriage is very important,still and i think a man-woman relationship is based on love and caring and so many other is a give and take.I think they are sharing their whole life,as they are sharing my canvas!!
If you see this puppet subject philosophically,we see that we try our best to do so many things,but ultimately it is in the hands of the one up there,pulling the strings.I don't want to make a negative statement,let the fellow up there do what he wants,we have to keep doing our own thing and to make an effort is in our hands.
I am experimenting a lot and i don't think anyone is doing something like this.I am not doing it for the technique itself,otherwise it will be a craft.You have to be careful about the limitations as there is only a thin line dividing the two.The technique should not override the feelings.If you see my painting i want it to give a total impact.Later on the viewer should think that it has two layers of glass and textile background etc.
I feel that the freshness ,the newness in my work should remain constant.People should feel that there is something different in my work.Fame and name will come and go,i don't give too much importance to that.I think in in India now is the right time to be an artist.Times have changed.In earlier days there were many talented painters who did not get the sort of recognition that we are getting today.
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