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  Shifting to Mumbai from Pune, because of marriage transplanted me from my familiar, comfortable surroundings to a whole new environment full of different experiences and challenges.

I became aware of the tensions and pressures that pervade everyone´s life which have an overarching impact on everything, our joys, achievements, frustrations and sorrows.

There are always the constraints of day to day life, of social conduct and others that operate on and influence all human behaviour. Humans are not free in an absolute sense. It is the invisible string that eventually controls ones destiny. This gave rise to the puppet theme, the human beings as puppets in various settings and colours. They appear to come alive on their own but also seem to convey that despite their postures of joy and gay abandon, there is, that unseen hand which controls!!

The paintings are on multiple planes so that the objects that are familiar to the Indian ethos take on a subtly different meaning when viewed in the multi-dimensional frame. This rustic approach of using vivid colours on acrylic sheets, juxtaposed with backdrops comprising of fabric collages, creates the multidimensional effects and hints at the play of shadows that is reminiscent of a stage.

This is not a despondent or fatalistic view that the human is a prisoner of destiny. The free floating forms, the use of bright colours and the postures of the puppets indicate the upbeat philosophy that the human spirit can soar free and overcome all the restraints, difficulties and obstacles.
Photo credits: Anil Dangi, Manohar Gangan
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