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  My basic positive approach towards life did not allow me to be a puppet for too long. The strings started vanishing, and one day the subject was out of me, leaving me in a big blank space...not knowing what to do. I started painting things around me, the blank canvases, the champa flowers, the jars of chilly and turmeric powder became the subjects of my still-life. The master Italian painter, Ardeggo Sofficchi has rightly caught the essence of this process when he says, "The painter sees in the actual world, nothing but fabrics of the pictorial elements."

I can not decide a theme and paint, the subject just has to grow on me. A female figure also started appearing along with some lines inscribed in the background. I had started reading poetry and books again after a gap of nearly 20 years. Aarti Prabhu, Shanta Shelke, works of G.A. Kulkarni...the words started entering my canvases.

This tumult shaped itself into ´The Quest´. The traditional reference points of family and home having given way to a new independence. Today a woman has to redefine herself in this changing reality. The customary external calm conceals a turbulence, restlessness and the chaos of conflicting emotions. While the conscious mind struggles to cope with this change, the subconscious is evolving new patterns out of this chaos. The search within had started.
Photo credits: Ashish Vaidya
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