' Nayika ..'.A solo show in TheHague, Netherlands,at The Pulchri Studio.
My paintings in this series deal with the moods and emotions of a woman.Ancient Indian Scriptures classify the Heroine or the' Nayika '
in eight different states in relationship to her lover.They have been depicted in traditional miniature paintings,dance and drama.My
portrayal of the Nayika is a woman in love with ' Life'. She is predominantly a ' Virahini ', viraha being an expression of longing in
separation.She is also an 'Abhisarika 'a woman in love ,giving up modesty and going out to meet her lover.Both these shades I could see in the poetry of Saint Meerabai,who was a married Rajput Princess in love with God Krishna.I am trying to understand Meera not as a saint,but as a woman who lived in reality and illusion .Poetry and Music have always inspired me.My nudes are inspired by Saint Kabir's philosophy that the body is just a thin fabric to wrap our soul ! The pain,pleasure and anguish experienced by our mind reflects and resonates only on the body.My nudes are like linear confessions of the soul.Even though the nude form is the most natural state ,we cover it with layers of fabric to conseal the true state of mind ,not only from others ,but even from ourself.Hence my nudes are an attempt at a transparent dialogue with oneself.These paintings are mostly in mini format done in mixed media on acrylic,with a collage in the background.The poetry that inspires me takes up a pictorial form in my work.
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